Property Finding Services

Finding the perfect property in a familiar environment is an arduous enough task, but trying to do the same abroad in a foreign language is twice the challenge.  With a background in commercial investment agency, our team are very used to acting for buyers and sellers alike and we can use out extensive experience to make sure you get the property you want without and of the hassle.

How does it work?
The main point is that the service is entirely free, we take our fees from the seller or seller's agent.  Initially, we will refine your requirement as much as possible, whether in person or over phone/email prior to a visit to the Valley.  Our team will then pro-actively seek out the most suitable matches from our own portfolio, other agency listings and private sales, giving you access to an extensive selection.  By focusing exclusively on the Chamonix Valley, we remain constantly up to date with the market and are able to dig out the opportunities that stay hidden from the casual buyer.

Having put a list together, we will accompany you on visits to the properties that are of interest, providing professional, impartial advice throughout the search.  If we don't find the right property first time, then it's back to the drawing board to look for something else or preparation for another visit!  We will then help negotiate the deal, guiding you through the intricacies of the French system and providing advice on all aspects of the purchase process through to completion.

We are fluent French speakers and will accompany you to all meetings and anywhere that a French speaker would be helpful.  We work with all the reputable developers, builders, architects and project managers in the Valley as well as English speaking notaires and accountants. All in all, it's a one stop service that will alleviate all the stresses and strains of purchasing abroad.

Please contact us for more details or to being the process.