Mont Blanc Summit

Mountaineering & Climb Mont Blanc

Introduction to Mountaineering

If you’re looking to expand your skills and experience more of what the high mountains can offer you, Chamonix is probably the best place to learn. There are plenty of places to experience how to use crampons whilst walking on glaciers, become accustomed to being active at altitude, how to cross steep snowy slopes and experience staying in some of the high mountain huts. 
Normally the guides provide you with helmets and harnesses as part of the package and the rest you can hire in Chamonix or bring with you from home. Contact us to find out more. 

Mountain Autonomy Course

Learn how to be self-sufficient in the mountains with on a five day course. Plan your routes better, learn orientation skills, better use of equipment and gain better all-round mountain awareness. At the end of the course you’ll be better equipped to head out into the mountains without a guide. Contact us to find out more. 

Climb Mont Blanc

There are two typical routes on the French side that mountaineers use to summit Mont Blanc, and one on the Italian side. Summit attempts take place from May to September each year and are of course, weather dependant. 
Depending on your mountaineering experience and level of fitness, your guide may suggest a trip of anything from 1 to 5 days, where they can teach you climbing skills, how best to use ice axes and crampons and build your confidence, ending with a summit attempt. 
Contact us to find out prices and availability for mountain guides. Don’t forget to let us know your level of experience and fitness. 

Private Mountain Guides

If you prefer to set your own itinerary, or have a specific mountaineering goal in mind, hiring a local guide is the best thing to do. Whether you’re on your own, in a group guides are available from half a day to a week, or longer. 
Contact us for more information and to discuss prices. 

Chamonix is known as the birthplace of mountaineering for good reason. With iconic towering granite peaks, jagged ridges and snowy glaciers, the terrain here is really incredible. 
Mont Blanc and its surrounding mountains are used as a training ground and playground for some of the world’s best alpinists and rescue teams. For the less experienced person, you can also have your first taste of mountaineering here, with a highly qualified, local mountain guide showing you the ropes. 

Hire a Mountain Guide