Trail running in Chamonix

Chamonix is regarded as one of the world’s finest trail running destinations, and as well as offering some of the best and most challenging trails, it also hosts some of the biggest and best trail running events in the world
The trails here can be high and exposed in places, but offer the discerning trail runner plenty of challenges and incredible views!  There are 18 defined trails specifically for trail runners, with short routes from 1-2 hours, medium routes from 2-4 hours and longer routers of 4-8 hours. On each of the routes will be trail markers, which not only help you stay on route, but also show you the preferred direction of travel. 

For detailed maps and trail descriptions of dozens of the best trails around the Chamonix valley you can visit Chamonix360. They also have a YouTube channel where they showcase family hikes, trail runs and trail races around the region. Of course you can always pick up a map and plan your own routes too!

We can also put you in touch with local trail running guides, who can help plan your trip based around their knowledge and experience of trail running in the Chamonix Valley. Contact us to find out more.